As more folks head outside for fun, the chance of ticks hitching a ride into your house goes up. If you find yourself dealing with these tiny invaders, it might be time to call in a reliable pest control service in Kuala Lumpur to tackle the issue.

Ticks are small, brown bugs that carry Lyme disease and other illnesses.

They’re typically found near wooded areas or grassy fields, and they like to hang out on tall blades of grasses and bushes.

If you want to keep these pests away from your house, there are a few things you can do!

Clean Your Kuala Lumpur Home to Remove Ticks 

Cleaning your Kuala Lumpur home doesn’t technically remove ticks, but it does clear out space, so you can easily see them and remove them with no difficulties.

If you’ve got a house that’s full of dirt and clutter, you might miss out on spotting ticks, leading to a much severe infestation.

Ticks tend to hide in places that are dark and damp, so a good rule of thumb is to make sure your house has plenty of light.

You should also keep surfaces clean by regularly sweeping and mopping the floors as well as washing any dishes or other items that are sitting out on counters.

If you want to be cautious about how often you have to do this kind of cleaning, it’s best to do this at least once a week.

Finally, make sure your house is well ventilated to keep the mold and humidity levels low so that ticks don’t have as many places to hide out.

It’s important not only to clean up quickly when you notice any signs of an infestation but also to take steps beforehand to stop them from infiltrating your house in the first place.

A dirty house can invite all sorts of pests including ticks.

Stop Ticks by Washing All Your Clothes 

Surprising as it may seem, ticks can easily climb on your clothes without you noticing.

They love to nestle in fabrics that are dark and moist. To avoid this, always wash your clothes after coming home from a trip to the countryside or forest.

You can also treat them with an appropriate agent containing permethrin (e.g., Repel) before washing them, so they won’t get dirty again by remaining on you for as long as possible.

If this ingredient is present in your fabrics, ticks won’t be able to cling to them because it’s impossible for them to breathe.

It may seem like a hassle, but if you want ticks gone from your home, trust in the power of washing!

Also, don’t just settle for clothes, be sure you clean your bedding, linens, and pillowcases as well since ticks could be hiding in there.

Avoid Ticks By Protecting Your Pets 

If you love taking your dogs out, the more you need to be careful and cautious when it comes to ticks.

Our pets love to lay on the grass and enjoy being outdoors. Unfortunately, they are not so vigilant of the ticks that come with it and often pick them up before we even know what’s going on.

Ticks can be carried by rodents or deer and will attach themselves to your pet as well as you if you accidentally touch one while out in the yard.

They also like to hide under leaves and will jump on your pet without you noticing.

If you want to avoid such a problem from happening, it’s good that you always examine your pet right after they come back from the yard, and before they go to sleep.

You should also check any other pets in your home because ticks can be carried by them as well, especially if you live near woods or fields where these pests are prevalent.

If there is a tick present, it’s very important that you remove it quickly so that it doesn’t continue feeding on your precious furry friend.

Remove Ticks With a Vacuum Cleaner 

Although this doesn’t entirely kill ticks, it does help keep them at bay. A vacuum cleaner is one of the ways to remove ticks when you can’t find them. You have to be very careful, though, as these pests are small and may even remain undetected in the vacuum cleaner bag or its hose until it’s too late because they will suck blood from your pet while inside.

Be sure you vacuum all areas that may be suspected to have ticks such as beds, pillows, and carpets before turning it on.


This article is here to provide you with a number of tips that will help you get rid of ticks in your Kuala Lumpur house. These are the best options for getting rid of ticks and preventing them from coming back, so make sure to take note!

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