Does the sight of cockroaches zooming towards you make you want to scream? Or maybe you get a real headache when these critters skitter around while you’re trying to enjoy some TV, whip up a meal, or take a relaxing bath? Ever find yourself getting all worked up trying to catch and squash these pesky bugs? Wondered if your place is turning into their favorite hangout spot?

Cockroaches or roaches are well-known pests and they have existed for millions of years. They are considered to be dangerous as they can trigger asthma and source of allergen. Like houseflies, roaches can spread diseases by contaminating our food. They defecate on it and contaminate with germs they pick up in latrines, garbage dumps, etc. They are suspected to be carriers of bacteria causing diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever, and other serious diseases. They carry the eggs of parasitic worms and may cause allergic reactions.

None of us wants to have an infestation of roaches in our apartment because of the above-mentioned harmful effects of roaches on our house and body. Good thing is that there are ways we can avoid this infestation and get rid of the roaches.

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Different Ways to Avoid Cockroach Infestation in Shah Alam

1. Eliminate food sources. 

Cockroaches can eat any food when left open even on the smallest amount. To prevent them attracting to our home, we should follow and do the following:

  •  Remove standing liquids from any containers, buckets, sinks, and other surfaces
  • Remove food remains left on tables, kitchen, and counters
  • Store food in airtight containers. Roaches find their food through their sense of smell.
  • Rinse and remove cans, bottles, and plastic containers as they can attract roaches. The residue will attract roaches even if it is already in the garbage.
  • Empty garbage bins regularly. A wide range of different food and moisture can be present on it.

2. Clean your area. This may sound common and given but sanitation and cleaning are critical in preventing roach infestation. Roaches are attracted to dirt and filth for their food. You must clean up crumbs, wipe up all the spills immediately, remove stagnant water, and avoid wet or damp dirty clothes.

3. Home inspection and maintenance. You must regularly inspect every corner of your house or apartment. Check your pipes, drains, and faucets if there are any damages or leaks. You must repair it immediately because roaches are attracted to the damp and moist area.

Look also for any possible spot that can be an entryway for roaches such as small cracks in the walls and crevices. If you note any small cracks, caulk them up for seal and protection.

4. Use baits, insecticides, and traps. If roaches are already present in your apartment, insecticides are usually necessary to eliminate infestations. There are many types of baits and insecticides available in the market. Chemical baits disguise insecticides as a food source. Roaches will be attracted and eventually ingest the insecticide and bring it back to their home to die. Place the baits near your garbage bin, sink, drains, and other corners where roaches travel. There are roach traps that can also be bought in the market. These traps will attract roaches by their smell or bait. When they come for the bait, they will be glued on the substance and trapped inside.

5. Call in a professional pest control company.  Roaches are persistent creatures and it is not easy to get rid of them. A quick response is essential to prevent infestations inside your home or apartment in Shah Alam. You may report any sightings of cockroaches to Shah Alam’s pest control experts. They are equipped with the most efficient way to get rid of cockroaches and other pests. 

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