Rats are a real headache, messing up both homes and businesses. They gnaw on everything – your chairs, the roof, even the walls – and can spread sickness to you and folks nearby. Our Bangi pest control buddies say these critters are super tough to kick out on your own. If you’re tired of this furry trouble, it’s smart to call in a pro.

So what does the specialist do with rats? How do they treat your home to get rid of them efficiently? We understand that many of us have questions, so we took the time to address them all accordingly. Shown below are the steps’ pest control service providers perform to get rid of rats, so read on!

Step 1: Inspection of The Rat Infested Area

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The first thing exterminators do during a rat treatment is inspecting the area. Whether you own an office or a home, exterminators will come all suited up and equipped with the tools to properly detect where these pesky little creatures are hiding. In order to permanently get rid of the rats that are causing you trouble, the expert pest controllers will gather all the needed data to come up with the best treatment and approach.

The data they will gather may include information such as pest point entries (usually gaps, cracks, and holes in your structure) where the rats may have possibly gone through. They will also list down the areas where visible signs of rats can be seen, such as droppings and gnawing damage.

With the help of their special pest tools, they’ll locate these rats’ thriving spots or the place where they tend to stay to see the severity of the infestation.

Step 2: Planning of Rat Treatment 

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Once they’ve gathered the data, they will begin planning the best approach for your infestation problem. In this part, you have the freedom to voice out if you prefer natural ways such as using rat traps or chemical methods like using of rat solutions that can kill them in contact. However, depending on the severity of your rat infestation, exterminators will suggest utilizing chemical solutions since baits will only work for a small rat population.

But don’t worry! Chemicals utilized by professionals aren’t harmful to humans since they have undergone testing to ensure utmost safety. You may also choose organic solutions if you find them better.

Step 3: Rat Extermination Begins 

If you have people in your home or plan to host a party in your Bangi office, you don’t need to let the people out (unless you want to) because the exterminators won’t turn your place into a war zone. They’ll perform a well-thought-out plan to lure out and exterminate the rats effectively and efficiently.

Experts will put rat baits in strategic locations on your property. Crawlspaces, basements, and sections in your attic are all potential hotspots. Don’t worry; no traps will be set in common spaces or food areas where you and your family stay.

However, they will also utilize rodenticide that is adequately applied on the outside to eliminate these creatures. While baits will lure them out successfully, the proper application of rodenticides ensures complete elimination.

Step 4: Advice On Things To Do After Pest Control Treatment

Once the pest exterminators have successfully eliminated the rats, they will give you after-care tips to ensure no second wave of these rodents would come rushing back. They will also correctly seal off entry points, so you don’t need to worry about rats coming over constantly.


It can be challenging to get rid of rats. Having the right people assist you, on the other hand, is the best option if you want to keep your lovely place in good shape. Do you have a problem with pests in Bangi right now? We are more than happy to assist!