Flooding is a significant worry for numerous homeowners, particularly in Malaysia.

When a flood occurs, it can cause serious damage and structural problems to homes. But most importantly, it may affect the result of your termite treatment.

Fortunately, Empire Pest Control offers an extensive termite treatment plan that protects your home regardless of flooding or not. If you need help, you can get rid of termites with this service.

In the meantime, let us enlighten you as to how flooding can affect termite control so you can see why it’s vital to hire a pest control company that can cater to such cases.

Termite Bait Systems May Need Replacement 

One factor that flood can affect when your property is getting treated for termites is your termite bait system.

A flood may either cause the chemical to wash away or allow other animals, such as rats and raccoons, to get into your baiting station and eat all of it up!

And if this happens before termites become active, it will not kill them off as desired, which is a big problem for you and your pest control service provider.

Bait systems that are placed in your property, such as near a well or pond, may also be washed away and destroyed by floods.

This is why it’s always recommended to hire a pest control company that has experience in flooding so they can easily come up with solutions that will still work for you after a flood.

Treated Soil For Termites Must Be Done Again 

Termite treatment often involves pouring some chemicals into your soil and then covering it up.

If your soil is now flooded, this means the chemicals are spread out everywhere in small amounts or washed away!

In order to stop termites, the soil needs to be treated, so termites won’t be able to live and thrive in your property.

But if chemicals get washed away, the point of this treatment is gone.

To avoid this from happening, it’s best to have a professional termite exterminator that can easily find a countermeasure to your flooding problem.

Do Termites Get Affected By Flood?

One of the many worries property owners have about flooding is whether it will affect termites.

Termites need water to live, but when floodwaters come in contact with them, the possibility of termites drowning is present.

Termites can also be killed if they are submerged in water for an extended period of time, as this causes them to suffocate due to a lack of oxygen.

However, there is also a downside to flood.

Since termites consume wood, floodwater poses a high risk of altering the structural integrity of homes by destroying support beams that hold up interior walls.

Those termites who survive the flood will be able to cause significant damage to the home since they can easily infiltrate your house’s structural integrity.

Termites are highly adaptive creatures, and they will find a way into your house if it is left unprotected from floodwater.

They can also cause problems for homeowners who live in areas that often experience flooding due to their need for constant access to moist soil or groundwater.

With this in mind, you must take certain precautions to ensure that your home is not invaded by termites even with the risks of a flood.

What to Take Note Before Termite Treatment 

When it comes to termite treatment, many specialists highly suggest scheduling a treatment before a hurricane or storm occurs.

Having your property treated for termites before a storm will be more effective because the termites won’t be able to find a way in your home and the chemicals used will protect your home even if it is flooded.

This will also allow you to seal up the property so that others can’t enter and bother your belongings while leaving them in a vulnerable state for termites to attack.

By making these preparations before an impending storm, homeowners can ensure their homes are safe from termite invasions after a flood occurs.

The Final Words 

Termites are one of the most common infestations that people encounter in their homes.

These tiny pests can be devastating to a home, and left unchecked they will cause major structural damage as well as slowly eat away at your property.

It’s important to take preemptive action before these little critters become an even bigger problem for you and your family by scheduling regular termite treatments with our team of experts before a flood occurs.