Nobody likes uninvited critters racing around their home. When pests barge in, they bring a heap of trouble, from ruining your cozy couch to becoming tiny germ carriers.

With this in mind, you need to hire the help of a professional pest control service provider such as Empire Pest Control.

The pest control company is certainly helpful and even took the time to share with us their top green pest control options for those homeowners who don’t want to deal with harsh chemicals.

To know more about this, let’s head on below:

Bait Traps For Rats 

Rats are one of the most common creatures you can find in a home. These little rascals are attracted to food, water, and garbage and will often seek refuge inside your house.

If you have rats at home, you know for certain how annoying they can be. From gnawing furniture to eating your food, they’re frustrating to handle!

One way you can deal with rats without the use of chemicals is by utilizing standard bait traps.

Bait traps are used by placing food that attracts rats which will then encourage the rodent to come over, sealing them up the moment they touch the food.

This surely is a great option for green pest control!

Use Cucumber Peels to Scare off Ants

Ants, regardless of what type they may be, are awful to have in a home. They may be small but they can cause severe damage that may catch you off guard.

These creatures are known to inflict damage to electrical wires, eat food and even bite you.

If you want to stop these creatures on their tracks, then using cucumber peels can be effective.

Cucumber peels give off a strong smell which drives ants away so it’s good to place them near entry points where you suspect ants to come in.

Bay Leaves Can Stop Cockroaches 

If cockroaches are one of your worst nightmares, you can certainly attest to how bad it can be to have them lurking in your home.

These creatures are one of the dirtiest pests around and they can seriously affect your health if they’re not dealt with.

One way you can keep roaches at bay is by using bay leaves.

Bay leaves are great at repelling roaches because they contain a strong pungent smell that is unappealing to these pests.

All you have to do is place a teabag of bay leaves into your cupboards or areas you often see roaches and they’ll be gone on a jiffy!

Remember to change the leaves every 3-4 days to ensure their smell will last.

Use Plants to Scare off Mosquitoes 

Plants are great at enhancing your home and making it look more homey than usual.

But did you know that these plants can also be used to repel mosquitoes too?

Plants such as peppermint are known to scare off mosquitoes all thanks to their minty properties.

Mosquitoes won’t go near your home if you’ve got these plants casually lying around in and out of your house.

Not only are these plants really attractive but they’ll also protect you and your loved ones in the process!

Essential Oils for Scaring Flies 

Essential oils are not only used to make your house smell relaxing but they can also be for scarring of pesky creatures that are causing you trouble such as flies.

Flies are attracted to garbage and leftover food. They will leave droppings in your dish without you knowing which can make you severely sick.

To avoid this from happening, make use of essential oils such as eucalyptus to scare these pests away.

The odor of your food will be covered by the strong smell of the essential oil, forcing the annoying flies to look for food somewhere else.


Pest, regardless of what kind they are, can be annoying to have. They not only affect your health and damage your home, but can also affect your reputation.

If you want to keep these creatures out of your house without using harsh and dangerous chemicals, be sure to keep these tips in mind!