Worried about lizards in your Kuala Lumpur residence? Learn what draws them and strategies to decrease their appearances near your dwelling. Uncover straightforward and impactful methods to deter lizards from your premises.

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Availability of food sources

One of the most important factors that attract lizards to a home in Kuala Lumpur is availability of food sources. Lizards look for areas where they can find adequate sources of prey, such as insects and other small arthropods. These reptiles are also omnivorous and are known to consume fruits, leaves and even hatched eggs. Some species might even scavenge off cooked or raw meat from nearby garbage disposals or pet food bowls.

They will build their habitats around these food sources, making them easy to access for sustenance. Keeping bird feeders or water features may also entice an abundance of insects which could, in turn, attract lizards to your home in Kuala Lumpur.

Suitable habitat and hiding spots

For lizards to thrive in their home city of Kuala Lumpur, they need a suitable habitat. The most important things to look for are a mixture of warm and cool microclimates, as well as hidden spots for them to hide and rest; this is especially true for species like the Tokay Gecko.

Warm spots can be found in sun-exposed areas such as open grounds, rooftops, trees and poles. Cool microclimates can be found in shaded spots that are located near streams and canals.

Lizards also need hiding spots such as:

  • Nooks in buildings with sunlight coming through holes
  • Small crevices under rocks and logs
  • Gaps between bricks or bamboo stalks that provide shelter from predators.

Some species such as the Green Crested Lizard will even station on elevated perches so they can observe what’s happening around them; these elevated perches provide a natural escape from ground-based predators.

Overall, if you wish to attract lizards into your part of Kuala Lumpur it is best if you create an environment with a mixture of different temperatures with plenty of places to hide away from possible predators. This will make sure that you do not only attract one kind of lizard species instead attract many!

Access to water sources

In Kuala Lumpur, water sources are key factors that attract lizards. These animals need water to quench their thirst and will flock to areas where they can access it easily. Areas such as streams, ponds, and other damp areas create the perfect environment for lizards, who can easily drink from the fresh water sources without having to travel too far. Additionally, these damp spots also provide an area for them to bathe. The moisture from their bath helps keep their skin healthy and hydrated, helping them maintain a good body temperature during hot weather.

Lizards also use these water sources to hunt a variety of prey including small insects and amphibians, which they must have access to in order to survive.

Warmth and sun exposure

One of the primary factors that attract lizards to a home in Kuala Lumpur is warmth and sun exposure. The hot and humid environment of this tropical location is ideal for lizard life and they find that basking in the sun helps them regulate their temperature since they are cold blooded. Consequently, you may find lizards inside your home when it is being exposed to direct sunlight.

If a lizard spots a warm spot on the wall or window ledge and has access to it, it may decide to make your home its own. To keep lizards away, you can block areas that receive direct sunlight from the outside by using blinds or curtains. Additionally, you may want to keep windows open during the night instead of day as chilly air coming in can be beneficial for repelling lizards from your house.

Absence of predators or threats

Kuala Lumpur has an ideal climate for lizards, with abundant food and water sources. To stay safe and escape predators, lizards must form complicated networks of hiding places that lead to their home. Key factors that attract lizards home in Kuala Lumpur are predominantly the absence of predators or threats, with suitable nesting grounds and environment.

  • Lack of Predators: Predators such as cats, dogs, birds and larger mammals can be a threat to lizards. Therefore avoiding these threats is the main requirement for a home. In Kuala Lumpur areas where the stone wall structures are in tact could be potential homes as they provide cover from possible predators while they’re returning back home.
  • Suitable Nesting Grounds: A nest or burrow offers protection from enemies as well as creates a convenient pathway to move around within its vicinity without much effort by providing not just warmth but relatively cooler temperatures during extreme weather which may prove difficult for them to survive in certain areas otherwise. Areas with plenty of green vegetation – such as grasses and shrubs – would be most appealing for them due to rich nutrients present in plants roots such as vitamins, minerals & amino acids that help maintain their survival needs effectively. Additionally, trees should also form part of their desired habitat because it’ll offer a secure refuge away from direct sunlight or rainfall when needed.
  • Appealing Environment: When deciding on a Lizard’s new home one should consider surrounding environment that is attracting them inside and keeping them there afterwards – being close sources of fresh water will benefit them greatly when looking for prey items inside their habitat or escaping the heat during hot months (in Malaysia we experience those quite frequently). In addition presence insects flying high up in sky is another factor that deters their movement when they’re either on lookout duty or simply looking for food amongst leaf litter floor beneath our feet; so having an open clearing (free from obstructions) will give sufficient ground access here especially during rainy days where climbing onto nearby trees is not really plausible solution anymore!

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors attract lizards to homes in Kuala Lumpur?

The main factors that attract lizards to homes in Kuala Lumpur are the availability of food, water, and shelter. Food sources may include insects, fruits, and vegetables. Lizards also need shelter from the sun and rain, so they may be attracted to cracks and crevices in homes. Additionally, lizards need access to water, so moist soils, plants, and puddles can be attractive.

What insects do lizards eat in Kuala Lumpur?

Lizards in Kuala Lumpur eat a variety of insects, including ants, flies, grasshoppers, moths, and beetles. Other food sources may include fruits, vegetables, and small rodents.

How can I keep lizards away from my home in Kuala Lumpur?

There are a few things you can do to help keep lizards away from your home in Kuala Lumpur. First, remove any sources of food, water, and shelter. This includes sealing any cracks or crevices in your home, removing any standing water or moist soil, and keeping your plants trimmed and away from your home. Additionally, you can use sticky traps or repellents to help keep lizards away.


The research conducted on the factors that attract lizards home in Kuala Lumpur has concluded that lizards are attracted to warm and sunny environments with plenty of plant material for foraging, nesting, and shelter. The presence of insects, average temperatures, availability of water sources and soil moisture were found to be important factors in attracting lizards home.

Furthermore, this study provides important insights into the needs of local lizard species to their habitats. To ensure conservation efforts and management schemes are undertaken successfully further studies into the needs of other kinds of local wildlife should also be conducted. This will assist developing effective plans for conservation management as well as informing land use decisions for the sustainable utilisation of our natural resources.

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