Having trouble catching zzz’s because of pesky bed bugs? Maybe a buddy or work pal suggested using ultrasonic gadgets to send them packing. Those little critters are tough to boot, mostly because they’re so tiny and stick around like gum on a shoe. That’s why picking a top-notch pest control team is a smart move to get them out of your hair for good.

However, sometimes we tend to be on a tight budget, and hiring a pest control company can be too much, which is why we take matters into our own hands. If you’re planning to use an ultrasonic tool to handle bed bugs, you must be wondering if such a device really works. This article will answer your question so, go forth and read on!

Are Ultrasonic Pest Control Repellents Really Effective? 

Ultrasonic pest repellers are commonly found on the internet or shelves in the pest control aisle. They are claimed to be a fantastic tool that makes getting rid of pests a breeze.

All you have to do is plug it in an outlet, and the tool will let out ultrasonic frequencies, which irritates the pests’ auditory system while being inaudible to humans and pets.

But does this really work? Is it good enough that you don’t have to use chemicals anymore?

To bluntly answer your question, these devices aren’t as effective as they claim they are. Although it may minimally work on other pests, bed bugs are among the exceptions.

Many experiments and research have been conducted to test out the ultrasonic repellent, and each of them ended with the same result; the bed bugs weren’t repelled or eliminated by the tool.

The little insects don’t communicate with frequencies but rather pheromones to send others information and signal, which is among the reasons why it isn’t bothered by the ultrasonic device.

What Works on Bed Bugs? 

If you feel a bit down because of the new information you recently got, don’t lose hope just yet! Although ultrasonic repellents may not work, There are other things you can use to eliminate these unwanted pests effectively (some don’t even require you to use any harsh chemicals)

Bed bugs are known to be a bit stubborn to get rid of since they are really good at hiding, but with a little time, patience and effective plan, you’re so to remove them at no time!

Take note of the following:

  • Acetone – Because of its acidic properties, acetone or nail polish remover has become known to be a bed bug killer. As soon as you see some bed bug on your mattress or couch, pour acetone and watch them dry up. You still have to remove the dead bugs, but at least it’s finished!
  • Diatomaceous Earth – This product can eliminate any bug with an exoskeleton, such as bed bugs. It operates by dissolving the skeleton’s bug, killing them in the process. One thing that makes this method great is that there’s no mess to clean up but that it can take a day or even two to wipe out all the bugs entirely.
  • Vacuum Cleaner – Although it doesn’t kill the bug, it takes them out from your mattress. Vacuums are a great tool in the battle against bed bugs simply because the baby bed bugs can be apparent, making it hard to see them and even harder to kill them.
  • Dryer – Bed bugs cannot stand the heat at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, using a dryer can kill these insects. Simply throw your curtains, clothes, or those you suspect to be infiltrated. Just be sure that you load in small or medium sizes so that the dryer’s heat can reach every area.


Although Ultrasonic pest control does not work, it doesn’t mean you should lose hope and feel there’s no other way to combat these bed bugs! By researching more about various methods, you’ll be sure to find one that would significantly make a difference.