According to a specialist at Empire Pest Control, bed bugs pose a significant issue. They not only detract from the comfort of your home but can also inflict genuine damage to you and your loved ones.

They’re difficult to get rid of on your own without professional help, and even then it may be hard.

In this blog post, we will discuss bed bug chemicals, how safe they are and how often to use them. Read on below to know more!

Are Bed Bug Chemicals Safe?

bed bug spray

Safety is indeed the number one concern when it comes to bed bug chemicals.

Not only are you worrying about what’s in the pesticide, but also how often should you use them and where? This is why we have put together a few reminders and guidelines that will show whether bed bug chemicals are safe.

Bed bug chemicals are proven to be effective, yet they are also known to be strong. Although they are indeed safe for humans, we need to take proper precautions when handling them to ensure we don’t get affected by toxic chemicals.

We need to wear face masks, gloves, and all other needed safety gear for better protection against possible accidents.

How Often Should I Apply Bed Bug Chemicals? 

Bed bug sprays need to be applied at least 3-4 times, or you need 3-4 treatments in order for this product to work effectively on bed bugs.

The first step you need to do is to protect yourself from getting sick when you treat bed bugs. You will need to wear gloves, protective goggles, and a mask when you are treating your house with sprays.

Once you’ve got your safety gear in check, head to your infested bed and take it apart. Be sure you spray every single part of the bed, especially if the bed is made of any type of wire. If you don’t take this step, you may not see all your bed bug problems disappear after just one treatment.

While the mattress and frame are apart, give each a good spray down with the bed bug spray. Be sure to get into the fabric or wood as well so that no bugs can escape where they won’t be affected by your chemicals. You should also do an out-of-the-way check on the box spring once everything is back together along with any other furniture in the bedroom.

DIY Bed Bug Chemicals Vs Professional Bed Bug Control 

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Making your solution can be interesting and fun to do. You might also think that it can save more money than usual, but is it effective than getting professional bed bug control?

You may notice that DIY solutions are less costly in general and can be done with a more personal touch, but it is important to remember these things don’t come without risks.

Some people have tried making their bed bug solution and not noticed any results, while others have had success by opting to hire a professional to do the treatment.

If you’re looking for an easy way out of your current situation, then hiring a professional might be worth considering.

Finding them through referrals or word-of-mouth has been suggested as one option if you want to hire someone who knows what they’re doing when applying chemicals near children and pets!


Bed bug chemicals are a necessary part of any bed bug prevention plan. When applied correctly, they can be safe and effective in killing bed bugs. If you have questions about how often or what type to use for your situation, contact us today!

We’d love to chat with you more about our services so that we can get the best plans possible set up for your home or business.