Bed bugs are like tiny, unseen sleep thieves, making them a top tough pest puzzle to crack fast. Not only do they wreck your furniture, but they also turn your night’s rest into an itchy nightmare, stealing the precious sleep you crave. Plus, their teeny size plays hide and seek, making spotting them without help a real head-scratcher.

Hiring a specialist in bed bug control with the knowledge and experience in successfully controlling bed bugs is by far the best approach for these pesky creatures. It may be possible to get rid of bed bugs by following some tips, depending on the stage of their infestation. If you want to know how to properly control your bed bug infestation and stop them from getting worse, then check out the guide below!

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Tip 1: Always Check Your Bed and Sofa for Bed Bugs 

Bed bugs can be lurking in your bed and sofa without you noticing. These pesky little creatures could bite you, and you won’t even feel a thing because of the anesthesia properties they have in their saliva. Always check the gaps in between your cushions as well as the bedding of your mattress and look for any sign of bed bugs. If you happen to see black spot droppings, then you might be dealing with bed bugs. 

If this happens, take your sofa or mattress out and let it stay under the sun for a couple of days. Bed bugs hate the heat and may die when they get in direct contact with it. 

Tip 2: Always Check Second-hand Furniture For Bed Bugs 

Many people buy secondhand furniture for their homes. Despite the fact that it’s a budget-friendly and cost-effective option, it puts you at risk of bringing bed bugs into your residence. Bed bugs can live in a variety of furniture and items, including couches, plush toys, mattresses, and more. These pesky little creatures can go for months without eating, so they’re always on the lookout for a way to cause havoc. 

Tip 3: Protect Your Mattresses With Bed Bug-Proof Covering 

If you’re constantly up at night because of an itchy back, then it might be time to purchase a bed bug proof covering for your mattress. Bed bug-proof mattress coverings are commercially available on the market, and they operate well to keep bed bugs out of your bed if installed correctly. By constraining bed bug movement, they trap existing bed bugs and help stop the outbreak of recently hatched bed bugs from causing more discomfort. You will be able to fall asleep soundly without fear of bed bug bites.

Tip 4: Wash and Dry using High Heat to Kill Bed Bugs 

Bed bugs hate the heat and will die if they come in direct contact with them. Bed bugs can be eradicated by exposing them to a temperature of more than 60°C for 15 minutes. These pesky creatures are killed by drying or washing your mattress linens and garments at a high temperature. Because high temperatures have been shown to kill bed bugs efficiently, skilled pest control service providers utilize steamers that yield high-temperature dry steam as an eco-friendly and safer way to eliminate bed bugs.

Tip 5: Be Careful With Bed Bugs on Laundry Services

People who live far away from home or do not wash their laundry at home will benefit from laundries and shared laundry services. However, convenience comes at a cost: you’ll have to share the space in which you wash your garments and linens with other people, including strangers. Although most people don’t seem to have a problem with this in most situations, there is a high chance that you could pick up bed bug eggs from the laundry.


Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of, especially if they’ve already infested your home. Given this, it’s critical that you take preventative measures to keep them at bay at all times. We’re confident that if you follow the advice above, you’ll have a bedbug-free home and a safe space for you and your family.