Termites are a major issue for many homeowners. If termites invade your home, they can cause extensive structural damage as well as health hazards.

Anti-termite treatment in Malaysia usually involves the use of chemicals that have to be applied to the outside of your house and, in some cases, inside the house or shed.

There are several chemicals available on the market today that will kill termites without harming humans or other animals.

In this blog post, we look at 5 different chemicals that you can use to control these pesky insects!

Bifenthrin For Termite Extermination 

Termites have been in the world for more than centuries and say to say, it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere. Luckily, there are several chemicals that can help in killing termites off and one of these chemicals is Bifenthrin.

Bifenthrin is a chemical that kills termites by paralyzing them and suffocating them to death. Chemicals such as Bifenthrin are strong enough for killing off termite colonies that are at least three years old.

The substance, which can be applied as an outside spray or inside powder, will kill all of the insects in your home without harming any humans.

Furthermore, the chemical has been used in Malaysia for more than 20 years and it has been used by thousands of pest control service providers for termite infestations.

To use this chemical, experts will mix it with water and then apply the mixture to areas inside your home where you have seen termites. They will also spray a few inches from the exterior of your house to prevent future infestations.

Eliminate Termites With Permethrin

You may have come across this chemical in your local hardware store, but you may not know what it is or how to use it.

Permethrin has been used for decades by experienced pest control companies to get rid of termites and other insects that are attracted to the wood in your home.

The substance can be applied as an outside spray or powder. When the insecticide reaches termites, it will kill them as it eats away at their bodies.

The chemical is safe to use in the home and doesn’t leave behind any harmful residue.

You should only apply a small amount of permethrin to your woodwork because if you get too much on there you might end up with a chemical buildup that will kill the termites at first but also cause them to come back even stronger.

Imidacloprid Will Scare Termites Off

Termites are known to be the most annoying pest you can see in your home since they are silent but deadly. You might be relaxing in your house when one of those pesky bugs decides to start building a nest in your living room or kitchen.

That’s why you need chemicals that can keep them out, and this is the good news: you can use Imidacloprid to effectively keep those pests from coming back.

That chemical is known to not only kill the insects but also make them turn around and go away without any problems, so it’s a great option if you’re looking for long-term results.

You’ll need gloves when applying this one because that stuff can be toxic on the skin. Plus, don’t forget to wear a face mask to avoid breathing the harmful particles that come out of it.

Fipronil Is Effective For Keeping Out Termites 

Fipronil is a kind of chemical that is so powerful that it’s almost guaranteed to keep termites from coming back.

This one is known for working as a stomach poison, and the insects will die soon after consuming any food in your home infested with this chemical. It’ll stay active even if you use water or sunlight to wash them away!

Unfortunately, Fipronil can only be used by professionals who make pest control visits to your home and cannot easily be bought in stores.

However, it will kill termites on contact and is most effective when applied directly to the affected area in your home so it’s best to call in an exterminator to handle this job if this chemical is what you aim to use in your home.

Arsenious Oxide Keeps Termites at Bay 

One way to keep termites at bay is by using a chemical called Arsenious Oxide. It is known for working as an insecticide and will kill termites on contact

Arsenious oxide can be found in paint, pesticides, or even some food products so if you want to do away with your problem without much hassle then try using this one instead.

The chemical works by disrupting the termite’s metabolism and will eventually kill them.

However, it can be toxic to humans, so avoid contact with this chemical at all costs.

The Final Sayings

Termites are one of the most destructive pests in the world–in some regions, termite infestations can destroy entire homes.

If you’re not careful about controlling them, they’ll quickly spread to other parts of your home and cause widespread damage.

Be sure to keep all of these things in mind to prevent a termite infestation from occurring on your property! For more information, contact us for more helpful tips.