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FAQs Of Bed Bug Services

FAQs Of Bed Bugs

What makes bed bugs difficult to treat?

Bed bugs are hard to eliminate first because they seem invincible. They are too tiny; they can multiply quickly and hide for long without feeding.

They are also very good at squeezing themselves into tiny spaces. In order to eliminate them completely, you just have to find and kill every bug.   

What is a bed bug treatment like?

Professional bed bugs treatment involves extensive inspection first. For homes, every bed, furniture, and linen will be checked.

Depending on the level of infestation, we will recommend a treatment plan that may include different methods such as heat treatments to kill bed bugs and eggs without the residual effects of chemicals.

It could also include insecticide treatment conducted by our qualified technician. We use safe, fast-acting insecticides in treating these sneaky creatures.

Bed bugs removal is quite a complex process that requires much of your cooperation as well.

What are the things that I have to do to prepare for the treatment?

Trust us to provide the things you need to prepare or do prior to the extermination. The first thing you can do is reduce clutter but be careful not to move items from an infested area to a non-infested area.

Get rid of old stuff such as newspapers and magazines, place infested items in plastic bags, throw away cardboard boxes that bugs love.

If heat treatment will be done, make sure to transfer your pets to a safe place.

Can bed bugs be treated on a one-time service?

Yes especially if it is a minor infestation, but we encourage continuous monitoring if bed bugs will appear again after a few days.

How much is the cost of bed bug treatment?

The price for treatment varies on the size of the area to be treated and the level of infestation.

Please call us for us to provide you with an accurate quote once we get the necessary information.

How long should I wait to use a room after it has been treated?

This will depend on the method of treatment, but we will advise you of the things you need to know prior to the treatment proper.

How can I avoid getting bed bugs again?

Bed bugs infestation commonly happens when you carry infested things from the outside to your home. When you sleep in hotels, they can hitch through your luggage or your clothes.

When you buy second-hand furniture or clothes, they may also be present or at times, they might already be there in your previously occupied home.

It is important to be cautious of warning signs that tell you they exist in your home. Clean used furniture before putting them inside your home, wash your clothes even those that you have not worn when you travel.

Check out for blood spots in your beddings that are dark red to black in color and molten skin or shells. Protect your bed using encasements and insect interceptors.

If things get out of hand, you can always seek help from a professional bed bugs exterminator.