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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs: A DIY Methods

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs: A DIY Guide

Treating a bed bugs infestation is not an easy feat. There is so much to do once you have confirmed their existence in your room.

Even if you hire a professional bed bug control in Malaysia, expect to do lots of work yourself such as washing beddings, moving furniture, etc.

Before you start declaring war with these critters, condition yourself by allotting time to getting rid of them.

Of course, you always have a choice to get an extra hand by hiring professional for bed bug control.

Isolate your bed

Isolating your bed can help stop bed bugs from feeding. Keep your bed away from your wall or other furniture like nightstands and cabinets.

Remove skirtings that hang down the floor. You can also buy insect interceptors that are placed in the legs of a bed to keep insects from getting up.

Additionally, there are encasement bags available in the market. You will just have to encase your bed in this bag for it traps the bed bugs to starvation.

Treat not just your bed but also your entire room

Bed bugs are not exclusively found in beds. It loves clothing, too. Clean your room including your furniture, baseboard, mattress, box spring, and bed frame.

Vacuum all surfaces of your bedroom. Make sure to reach all crevices and corners. After vacuuming, seal and throw away the vacuum bag immediately to avoid the spread of the bugs.

If your vacuum has no bag, dump the waste into a garbage bag and throw it. Treat the filter by spraying an insecticide.

Wipe the surfaces of your room with alcohol just be careful not to damage the finish of the surface.

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Disinfect your clothes and beddings

Once you have confirmed bed bug infestation, pack all towels, beddings, curtains, and clothes in clean plastic bags. Tie them tightly until it is time to wash.

Wash them with hot water and dry completely. Hang them under the sun if possible, for temperatures over 120 degrees, Fahrenheit can kill bed bugs and their eggs.

Store these clothes in another room until you are finished treating the infested room.

Make a kill chamber

You also have to clean other items in your room aside from your clothes and bed. Every item in it must be treated, too.

Keep in mind that bed bugs are sneaky creatures that are smart in hiding. They can penetrate small nooks or crannies. Consider making a killing chamber out of a big storage bin.

Seal your stuff in it for days using pesticide strip and duct tape. You can reuse the bin until you have treated everything. Wear gloves each time you use insecticides and follow instructions.

You can also spray insecticides on areas where you spot the bed bugs. Consider using residual power insecticide, which is in powder form for it can kill bugs for years.

Target the legs of your bed or sofa, under headboards or baseboards. Getting rid of bed bugs is not easy, so always keep your home protected.