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Signs Of Ants Infestation Malaysia

Signs Of Ants Infestation Malaysia

Ants are among the most intelligent and industrious insects in the animal kingdom. They are considered social insects that build colonies of interconnected nests. They might be small in size, but they are definitely strong in number.

They never sleep and work together 24/7 to find food. Ants are one of the most abundant insects in the world. Though they have an important role to play in the ecosystem, sometimes they are considered pests when they become a nuisance. It is worth calling a professional ants control in Malaysia to help remove ants quickly. If you are wondering if your home or business premises might be infected by ants, here are some warning signs.

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Live ants

You might notice a large number of ants in your kitchen or in damp areas such as the bathroom. Besides food, ants, especially carpenter ants love to be near rotting wood. If you constantly see ants in your home or workplace, it is likely that there are thousands more you cannot see.

Ant pathways

Ants that commonly invade homes lay pheromone or chemical substance in their trail for other ants to follow. They are able to travel long distances from their colony to a food source. You will often see their trail in your kitchen or yard. Chances are, beneath a mound of dirt, hundreds more ants are lurking.

Ant beds

You can check your yard for any nest construction or simply a pile of soil, sand or ant wastes. This is the excavated build up at the entrance of subterranean dwellings of ant colonies. Worker ants build and maintain colonies and carry tiny bits of dirt and rocks in their mouth and deposit them near the exit of their colony.

Wood shavings

Carpenter ants or big black ants are among the ant species that can cause damage to properties for they like to carve their homes in the softer part of wood grain. If you notice tiny piles of wood shavings near wooden furniture, wall studs and other wooden parts, there might be carpenter ants in your property.

Faint noises in walls

Consider taking time to listen to the walls of your home during a quiet moment. You might hear a faint rustling sound that carpenter ants make as they burrow into wood to build their nests. They make noise when they scrape wood particles.

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Ants can get attracted to your house mainly for food. If you lack good cleaning, your house has cracks, or there is vegetation near you, it contributes as well. Not all ant species invade buildings and not all that infest homes are health risks. However, it is still disturbing to see ant pathways especially if you run a business because it is not visually appealing to customers. To solve this problem, you need pest control experts in Malaysia. We can identify the correct ant species in order to treat the infestation most effectively. We understand their habits so we can recommend the most appropriate treatment plan.