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Ants FAQs – Updated [ Apr 2024 ]

FAQs about Ants Malaysia

Empire Pest Control offers effective ants control services in Malaysia. We are knowledgeable in the latest techniques and products, and we have an understanding of ant behaviour and life cycles that allow us to get the job right. There are numerous ant species, but we can identify common ant species in Malaysia that invade buildings.

What will you do to treat ants?

We use an integrated approach that utilizes a few strategies targeted to eliminate ants completely. We will conduct a thorough inspection first to assess the level of infestation and work out a treatment plan. Our team could use a bait system or liquid treatment to eliminate ants that you do not see.

Is the treatment safe?

Safety is a top priority in our business. We not just use industry-approved products, we also practice safety every time we perform pest control.

How much should I pay for ant control?

Pricing varies according to level of infestation and size of area to be treated. We would love to give you a more accurate quote, so call us now.

Why should I hire you when I can try DIY treatments?

You surely can try DIY treatments, but professional ant control is your quickest, hassle-free option. We will do the job for you using proven effective methods since we have an understanding of ant species and their particular behavior. We can treat them straight from their source to eliminate them completely.

How long do I expect results?

For ants, expect to see immediate results though if we use bait technique, it may take longer since they have to ingest the bait for it to work.  

Should I need a follow-up service?

If it is not a heavy infestation, follow-up service may not be needed. We encourage regular scheduled service to maintain a pest-free home or business premises. If you are running a food business or anything that requires sanitation, this is very helpful.

Are ants too dangerous to pose harm if we decide not to book pest control?

Ants have thousands of species but only very few invade homes. Most household ants do not really pose a threat to your health but many property owners choose to control them for their undesirable presence. Business owners on the other hand do not want ant infestation to ruin their reputation. Carpenter ants are the class of ants that can cause structural damage, a common reason also that customers call for professional treatment. Sugar ants that move back and forth can pick up germs along the way while pharaoh ants are known to carry Staphylococcus, which you can pick up when they crawl across your food.

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In Empire Pest Control, provide solutions to ant problems considering our knowledge on different ant species. No matter how clean you are in your home, ants can still find your place attractive. This is where expert pest controls come in. We will help you find lasting solutions to eliminate these nuisance insects.